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Veríme, že naše úsilie prinesie významné výsledky v oblasti ochrany životného prostredia a obnovy postihnutých oblastí. Sme odhodlaní pokračovať v našej misii a spolupracovať s moldavskými orgánmi a obyvateľmi, aby sme dosiahli trvalo udržateľné a zdravé prostredie pre všetkých.
Testing the decomposition time of the dose in the soil.

Tambula waste dump

Behind the small village of Tambula is a pile of mixed garbage. We applied different types of mushrooms there and we are currently observing them.

The Tambula landfill in Moldova poses a serious environmental and public health problem. To deal with this challenge, we have introduced an innovative mushroom-based decontamination method that allows us to effectively and permanently remove pollution and restore this affected area.

Decontamination of the oil product Mazut

During the time of the Soviet Union, the agricultural cooperative was heated with fuel oil, and grain drying was also done with fuel oil. We found the remains of tankers with fuel oil leaked into the surrounding environment. We have applied mushrooms there and we are monitoring the place.

Pouring sterilized Agar into Petri dishes.

In Moldova, we are witnessing a problem with the contamination of the petroleum product Mazut, which seriously threatens the environment and the health of the inhabitants. To meet this challenge, we have introduced innovative measures to decontamination of Mazut and the restoration of the affected areas.

Seedlings of 4 types of mushrooms.

We are aware of the importance of protecting nature and the environment. These technologies include physical, chemical and biological methods that are designed to minimize negative impacts on the environment.

Our professional teams work with the latest technologies and carry out the decontamination of fuel oil in accordance with strictly established environmental standards. Their goal is to remove harmful pollutants and restore the affected areas so that they can return to their original state.

In addition, we work with local authorities, research institutions and residents to ensure the sustainability and monitoring of the effects of our measures.

We are proud to be able to provide Moldova with solutions that help mitigate the impact of oil disasters and protect the environment for current and future generations.

Research and application of mushrooms in ecology in Moldova is implemented by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) through the Slovak Challenge Fund, with financial support from the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic.

Partnership for effective development cooperation and sustainable development goals between the Slovak Republic and the United Nations Development Programme.