based on mushrooms

Mushroom based packaging - fungi pack

More about mushroom packaging and its use in practice. Watch interesting videos and discover the properties of 100% eco packaging.

Testing the decomposition time of the dose in the soil.

Speech of the founder

This innovative solution arose out of dissatisfaction with the fact that when shipping our products – food based on medicinal mushrooms – we also shipped packaging that ended up as waste. Their life cycle is several tens of years and thus we polluted nature. The original intention to convey health to people through the effects of medicinal mushrooms was incomplete and imperfect because we disturbed the natural balance by producing waste in the form of selling products in plastic packaging and the subsequent disharmony of the nutrient cycle. During the cultivation of mushrooms, we got to know different types of mushrooms, influenced the external and internal conditions of their growth, investigated their properties, analyzed their strengths and weaknesses, optimized technological procedures and looked for their potential and ways of use. We invented a unique technological procedure inspired by natural laws for the production of 100% ecological Duugy fungipacks. I would be happy if our ecological Duuga packaging were everywhere where it is not necessary to use plastic packaging (medicine) or other nature-polluting materials.




We produce BIO/organic ecological line, which is certified by Naturalis SK, s.r.o. We do not use any synthetic or other chemical substances that would burden nature.

Impact on human health

We primarily use edible and medicinal mushrooms for cultivation, so DUUGY ecological packaging and materials contain rare active alpha and beta glucans, proteins in natural form, a wide portfolio of minerals and vitamins, and other medicinal substances providing nutritional value for better human condition and health. After consuming the contents and using the packaging as fodder for animals, these active substances of medicinal mushrooms enter the human diet.


With the selected line of DUUGY ecological packaging and materials, after the end of the function as protective packaging of the product, the consumer can be directly involved in reducing the environmental burden on nature. By introducing our ecological packaging and materials into everyday life for the general public, every consumer can greatly contribute to reducing the environmental burden. Every household can reduce waste production by 85%. Households can be ecologically – economical to a great extent. In the case of advanced developed countries, this can have a long-term effect on the country’s economy and the solution to the unnecessary contamination of nature with waste.

Shape and design

This process of development and production of DUUGY ecological packaging was based on the laws of nature of the development and growth of mushrooms. It is a living process based on fungi. We work on „taming“ the mushrooms into the desired shape, structure and consistency depending on the desired properties.


The main purpose of packaging is a protective function for other types of products. We believe that other features will be no less important for consumers. The priority is health safety and harmlessness, and depending on the specific line, the fulfillment of its further purpose according to the consumer’s choice.


Non-flammability, formability, stability, resistance, toughness, cottoniness, integrity, strength, unbreakability, 100% degradability, degradability and indirect and direct protection of the environment.

Source of waste

Manufacturers of food, pharmaceuticals, electronics, or other industries, packing their products in paper, plastic, and other packaging, produce waste with non-ecological packaging that has a negative impact on the environment for tens to hundreds of years. They have the opportunity to become responsible companies with a direct impact on the environment. We can help them embark on a path where, with each product sold, they not only do not produce waste, but on the contrary become a certified ecologically responsible company (EZF) that will improve the environment. Products can be packed in unique packaging materials that will not become waste after consuming their product, but will also contribute to the environment. They can be innovators who protect nature. The side benefit is an image boost, cool packaging and addressing their bad reputation as primary producers of waste.

Added value

Our ecological packaging and materials are preferred for the ecological nature of the material, resulting from the natural laws of the mushroom world. Each of our ecological packaging can be used (after fulfilling its purpose as a protective packaging) either in the home or indirectly by reducing the environmental load.



Packaging materials

Construction industry

Home accessories


Packaging in glass

In this video, we will show you how we use glass molds to prepare packaging for everyday use.

Decomposition of Fungi Pack

Fungi pack is fully compostable, the activity of mushrooms and bacteria in the ground will ensure that the packaging is completely decomposed.

How different types of mushrooms react to industrial oil

See how different types of mushrooms react when we add industrial gear oil to them, combined with old car oil.

Fungi Pack as a stand for a candle

The candle stand is just one of the many uses of the Fungi Pack. Although the wrapper can catch fire, the flame extinguishes almost immediately, so it is safe to use in this way. The packaging also floats on water, so thanks to it you can have a floating candle.

Fungi pack as a flower pot

An all-natural planter? That’s just one of the many possible uses of the Fungi package. You can grow the plant indoors and when it reaches the desired stage, just put it in the ground still in the package. The mushrooms in the package provide nutrients to the plant and decompose after a few months.