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GPS coordinates

Inoculation of tree stumps with fungi

Welcome to an amazing game where we combine adventure, education and nature conservation!

Get ready for a fun and exciting search experience that will take you into the fascinating world of mushrooms and their relationship with nature. Your task is to discover mysterious GPS coordinates that will lead you to a place where you will inoculate young trees with amazing mushrooms.

Upon arrival at the site, you will have the opportunity to follow and observe the development of these trees thanks to the symbiosis with living fungi. You will witness their interaction with each other, how the fungi help the trees with nutrition and growth, while the trees provide the fungi with nutrients and protection.

Adventure exploration and observation

Through adventurous exploration and observation, you will have the opportunity to learn more about individual mushroom species, their role in the ecosystem and their importance for the environment. This game is a great opportunity to learn about nature, protecting trees and the importance of symbiosis.

So get out into nature, discover new places, find GPS coordinates and help create a healthy and sustainable environment by inoculating trees with fungi. Your adventurous journey of knowledge awaits you!